Seldia Releases New Survey on European Direct Sellers

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Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association, recently released a new survey on direct sellers in the European Union.

Seldia commissioned Ipsos, a Paris-based global market research firm, to conduct a socio-economic study on the direct selling salesforce. This is the first such report in the last 10 years to cover the makeup and motivation of those participating in the channel. Countries included in the survey were Italy, UK, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Lithuania and Sweden.

Highlights from the survey include:

  • 88% of direct sellers are women
  • Largest group (26%) are aged 35-44
  • Average length of involvement in direct selling is about six years
  • 42% work full-time outside direct selling; 27% focus on direct selling
  • The main motivator for involvement is they like the products/services
  • On average, direct sellers spend about 12 hours a week on direct selling
  • Face-to-face meetings are the number one source of revenue
  • 78% are satisfied with their overall experience with direct selling
  • 9 out of 10 direct sellers are likely to stay with their company

To view the full survey, click here.