Exclusive Interviews

Q&A with Brett Blake

CEO Brett Blake

Bringing more investment into Direct Selling According to direct selling veteran Brett Blake, direct selling companies need more capital, but even more, they need the help of smart investors and savvy executives from outside the industry to close the gap between current practices and those that will help it scale into the mainstream of public…

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How to Better Leverage Your Digital Traffic

Digital Traffic

Q&A with John Oates In our July issue, we introduced our DSN Digital 100 of the top companies who have a sound digital strategy. John Oates, Founder of JPO Digital, and the VP of Digital Marketing for SUCCESS Partners, helped us gather the data for that list. I recently sat down with him to get…

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The Power of Pink


An icon in both the beauty and network marketing industries, Mary Kay has been focused on empowering women since its inception in 1963—long before female empowerment was mainstream news. Mary Kay Founded: 1963 Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Top Executives: David Holl, CEO Products: Skincare and cosmetics Today, with millions of consultants worldwide, 1,500 corporate employees and…

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Q&A with Ryan Napierski

Ryan Napierski

Transformation is a Perpetual Process. Nu Skin President Ryan Napierski was named the DSA Chairman at the DSA Annual Meeting in June. I recently connected with Ryan to talk about his focus and vision for his upcoming new role as well as insights on what is happening at Nu Skin. We are a couple months…

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Q&A with Laurie Ann Goldman

Laurie Ann Goldman

Live Beautifully. Avon magic – which is one-part beauty, one-part iconic brand, and one-part powerful women! New Avon began the new year by welcoming in a new CEO. I recently connected with Laurie Ann Goldman to talk about her thoughts and impressions in her new role. She shares her insights and observations and future goals.…

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Q&A with 4LIFE president and CEO Danny Lee

Danny Lee

It’s About Execution. The model works. Now we must each do our part in the execution of it. 4LIFE president and CEO Danny Lee’s career has spanned almost every area of operations, accounting, marketing. Now as CEO (since October 2017) he has the advantage of being able to switch lenses depending on what the current…

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UFORIA Young Company Interview


  ÜFORIA Founded: November 2018 Headquarters: St. George, Utah Top Executive: Ron Williams, Founder & CEO Products: Customized Nutritionals Business Model: Network Marketing Website: UforiaScience.com   Is there a story behind the name ÜFORIA? First of all, the Ü is our logo—it’s happy, playful, and confident. It has a lot to do with YOU, whether…

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Young Company Interview Series – Red Aspen

Red Aspen

If you look at the companies and industries that have been disrupted the most over the past five years, it has been from young companies who have forced bigger brands to not only take a look at their operations but start thinking more like beginners instead of experts. The same goes for the direct selling…

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Q&A with Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall

It’s the Stories that Matter Most. Recognizing the power of story through person to person connections. SOMETIMES YOU FIND A JOB, and sometimes a career finds you. This was the case with noted speaker and author Kindra Hall. Her expertise is in strategic storytelling—helping people in using story to captivate their audience, influence behavior, and,…

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Q&A with Jessica Honegger

Jessica Honegger

Feeling Scared? Go Anyway. While comfort may beckon us, choosing courage will always be in route to impact. In 2015, Inc. magazine recognized Noonday Collection as one of the fastest growing companies in America. But years earlier, Jessica Honegger stood in the pawnshop in Austin, Texas and handed over her grandmother’s jewelry to bootstrap her…

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