Forward Thinking

6 Ways You MUST Be Measuring Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Whether it is developing and manufacturing product, fulfilling orders, supporting the field, planning and executing events, or delivering on the myriad other aspects required to keep a direct selling company on the path to success, company employees provide the backbone to all direct selling endeavors. Keeping them happy, fulfilled and challenged is the key to…

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How to Select the Right Event Speakers

Event Speakers

Speakers are a core experience for direct selling company events. They can bring immeasurable value to thousands of attendees at one time, and are a great way to drive attendance to events. How companies select the right speaker and the right message for the sales field is critical for the goals of the business and…

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Authentic Imagery Matters


Grabbing attention and influencing action with compelling images is still a top social media marketing strategy. A survey by Social Media Examiner shows that 80 percent of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. Nearly a third of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business. “We…

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Durable Rather Than Disposable


Reusable packaging may be the future of sustainability and smart branding. Today consumer’s behavior expects lightningfast shipping service. Free or nextday shipping is becoming a basic requirement. However, the cost of speed is increasing packaging waste at an alarming rate. Packaging makes up one-third or more of our trash, according to How often have…

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Rewarding the Baby Steps


How companies can incentivize basic but critical business-building action. Rewarding and Incentivizing a distributor field isn’t all about recognizing those long-term leaders who stay at the top. In fact, many companies are moving in the direction of rewarding and incentivizing distributors who achieve smaller, more attainable milestones based on the specific action steps companies want…

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Serving Is the New Selling


How can our channel assist consumers to make the most of their daily lives, versus the old model of selling them a lifestyle? In June, 7-Eleven launched an update to its 7Now delivery app to include thousands of new locations—7Now Pins—so customers can order to public spaces. Items include food and drinks and other home…

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Podcast Revolution


More than half of America is on board with podcasts. But what does it mean for direct selling? Video may be taking over the internet, but voice and audio are carving out a huge piece of the future of online marketing. With the rise of voice-activated assistant devices such as Amazon Eco and Google Home,…

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Under the Influence


Does influencer marketing have a place in direct sales? The concept of working with celebrities to promote brands is evolving into highly targeted campaigns with online influencers. Influencer marketing is now big business, and according to the experts, it is only going to grow. What’s Happening: While consumer buying habits continue to evolve along with…

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Payment Pals

Tokenization and blockchain technology may be the future of data security and payment speed. As technology continues to evolve along with buying experiences, one of the ongoing challenges for direct selling companies is providing faster and more secure payment processing solutions, both for the customer and the distributor. In direct selling, companies and pay system…

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The Evolving Retail Landscape and the Five Ways Direct Selling Can Achieve Sustained Growth

DSA’s 2019 Growth & Outlook Survey results were just released, and after two years of modest decline, direct selling returned to growth, achieving $35.4 billion in estimated retail sales. Riding on the tailwinds of strong macroeconomic conditions, the direct selling channel is well-positioned to achieve accelerated and sustained growth if it addresses the following: Revisiting…

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