2018 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling – Zurvita

“Our philosophy is the higher you climb, the more you serve the brand-new person.”
—Brant Wallace, Senior Vice President, Resources and Strategy

Company / Zurvita Inc.
Headquarters / Houston, Texas
Number of Full-Time Employees / 99
Year Founded / 2008

What makes your company one of the best places to work in direct selling?
Culture, single focus and clear vision.

What is your top priority when it comes to maintaining a great work environment?

Cultural alignment across all levels and departments to our 3 Founding Principles.

  1. Build a company that honors and glorifies God. We do this by not judging people but by loving them right where they are in life.
  2. Develop a company with humble leadership. Our philosophy is the higher you climb, the more you serve the brand-new person.
  3. Create an environment where people can win at every level. The culture at Zurvita celebrates all successes with Independent Consultants at every level.

What benefits do you offer to your employees?

  • Health, Vision, and Dental: 100 percent paid by Zurvita
  • 401(k) participation
  • Corporate wellness plan: Free product and gym membership that is 75 percent paid by Zurvita
  • Tuition reimbursement program

What unique or unusual benefits do you also offer?
We offer diverse opportunities for employees to volunteer through Zurvita Ministries’ programs, such as Feed 500, Feed 5,000, and Disaster Relief. We have a Corporate Counselling Program for the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our employees. We provide Financial Education: Financial Freedom Program, access to retirement specialists, and money managers.
Since Zurvita is in the business of serving people, we offer a voluntary one-year training program that teaches people to serve in ministry. To date, 28 percent of our employees have gone through this training.

How does your company celebrate a job well done?
We have corporate-wide recognition at our monthly corporate update meetings; peer recognition via an employee-administered internal site; and unscheduled perks such as a night out for an employee with their spouse, paid for by Zurvita for great ideas and performance.

How does your company support team members in their personal and professional development?
We provide access to professional training and personal growth resources, such as Lynda.com and Success on Demand, at no cost to the employee. Also each department head teaches a monthly professional/ personal growth subject or book to their teams.

How does your company give back to the community?

Through Feed 500, 10 months out of the year, Zurvita partners with its corporate foundation, Zurvita Ministries, to go out into impoverished areas in the United States to feed at least 500 people.
Through Feed 5,000, this year we will be feeding at least 500 people in 10 cities across the United States in one day.
Our disaster relief efforts include:

  • Zurvita paid for its staff members to rebuild the Houston Area/ Texas Gulf Coast Region for eight weeks following Hurricane Harvey last year, by going out in teams once a week to tear out and clean up water-logged homes, move victims, volunteer at shelters, and deliver supplies to those in need.
  • For 16 weeks following Harvey, we opened our offices and hosted a local television station, KHOU, that had lost everything.
  • Following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria; earthquakes in Mexico; and, the fires in California, Zurvita partnered with Zurvita Ministries to start a Disaster Relief Fund that raised over $200,000 to help disaster victims.
  • In February 2018, Zurvita sent a team of employees and field consultants to Puerto Rico for one week to feed and provide supplies to victims of Hurricane Maria.

How do you develop and maintain trust between all levels of your company?
We provide communication, transparency, and collaboration through monthly strategy, monthly staff, weekly management, weekly department, and weekly team meetings and huddles, so that employees hold each other accountable, bring issues to the table by focusing on the problem, and encourage one another.

What is the single most fun day of the year at your company? Why?
Thanksgiving lunch/ dinner because it is a time when each employee candidly (and sometimes emotionally) shares stories of why they are grateful, how the company has impacted their life, and what their goals are for the following year.

What is something new that you’ve added in 2018 to enhance your workplace?
We have additional volunteer programs and opportunities (Feed 5,000 and Disaster Relief). We’ve expanded our Corporate Wellness Program. And we have an employee-built and -administrated website for information and recognition.


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