Youngevity Introduces New Products, Brands

Chula Vista, Calif.-based Youngevity International, a leading omni-direct lifestyle company, announced the release of several highly new products during its 2018 Convention held in San Diego, Calif., August 23–25.

Product launches included two new Youngevity product lines—Mineral Man and Hemp FX™—as well as additions to Saveur Natural Foods, Youngevity Essential Oils, Nature Direct and BeautiControl.

“One thing that makes Youngevity so unique is our broad product offering,” said Dave Briskie, president and CFO of Youngevity. “It allows us to reach many markets and gives our customers a wide-range of high-quality lifestyle products. We will continue to do our best to align our products to the needs of our market.”

Hemp FX™ includes three new hemp-derived cannabinoid oil products combined with exclusive Youngevity proprietary ingredients. Mineral Man products include Scrub, Shave, Shield and Style, which use antioxidant-rich botanicals.

Saveur Natural Foods adds two new balsamic vinegars to their offering: Spiced Fig, Maple & Pear and Strawberry, Mango & Apricot. Three new essential oil blends—Copaiba Plus, Big Smile and Bounce Back—use aromatherapy to support specific areas of wellness. The Nature Direct line of home-care cleaning solutions, now available on the U.S., offers seven environmentally friendly concentrates that are alternatives to dangerous chemicals and bleaches. BeautiControl’s newest additions—Extreme Tri-Peptide Face Treatment and Dramatic New Anti-Aging Crème—are designed with the goal of providing anti-aging support.