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5 Reasons Your Sales Force Needs Facebook Parties

Facebook parties

There are only two ways to scale; more consultants or more parties—and Facebook parties will help you with both. There are so many ways to reach your consumer nowadays, including a Facebook party. In 2018, the number of Facebook Live broadcasts reached 3.5 billion, and the people who updated a status on Facebook reached 25…

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What’s Your Recognition Program Rhythm?


When direct selling companies are just starting out, there are countless issues that must be faced, decisions to be made and challenges to overcome. However, during all of this planning, don’t forget the overwhelming importance of recognition for your distributor network. If this is not well thought out and executed from day one, it will…

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Developing a Modern Compensation Strategy

Today’s direct selling climate demands companies establish a compensation strategy, rather than just a commission plan. In the world of same-day shipping, the gig economy and instantaneous communication, you want to know where you stand in the direct selling industry and how to stay competitive. The landscape is shifting, and it will soon become apparent…

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The Experience Advantage


What form of non-cash incentive is compelling to your workforce? Consider an experience. For many direct sales companies, the challenge of how to attract and retain the best possible people remains a head-scratcher. In the March issue of Direct Selling News, Courtney Roush dove into the world of compensation plans and examined how companies are…

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3 Event Trends You Need to Know Now

Event Trends

What’s 22-times more powerful than facts alone? Stories. Stories are the lifeblood of the direct sales industry. In this industry, we hear and share amazing stories of success about life transformations: financial security, college tuition, independence from a job, care for loved ones, world travel, and more. Their stories are about success–hard work, persistence, consistency,…

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Thinking of Outsourcing?


If, and when, to outsource your distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services. The term third-party logistics or “3PL” has become antiquated as it conjures up a siloed client/vendor arrangement. Being partners foster more collaborative strategies, and can yield benefits for your business and your customers, over and above the pure play of outsourcing your supply chain.…

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When used properly, email may be more powerful than ever for growing a direct sales business. Email marketing is dead, right? Far from it. More and more direct sellers are using email marketing to grow their businesses and build a following online. However, the focus is not on selling or promotion. They’re finding the most…

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Digital Doesn’t Have To Be Impersonal


Forget the industries, forget the products, what makes direct selling powerful is relationships. The first being the relationship direct selling companies nurture with their representatives, one that enables entrepreneurship and provides the tools for them to succeed. And the second; the one-on-one relationships that direct sellers maintain with their customers. Personalization is at the very heart…

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