2018 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling – Jeunesse

“At Jeunesse, all of our employees know they have a voice and that their individual contributions are important to our success.”
—Scott Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer


Company / Jeunesse Global
Headquarters / Lake Mary, Florida
Number of Full-Time Employees / Approximately 800 worldwide
Year Founded / 2009

What makes your company one of the best places to work in direct selling?
While the Jeunesse Family is spread across the globe, we share a set of values and a common purpose that unites us all, regardless of region, language or culture. That family spirit really defines our corporate culture, and I truly believe this is what makes Jeunesse stand apart, attracting additional high-quality, engaged employees who strengthen our mission to create positive impact in the world.

What is your top priority when it comes to maintaining a great work environment?
We make our employees feel valued by supporting their growth and skill development and empowering them to be effective in their role. We also want our employees to know we value their thoughts and ideas and have an open-door environment where employees are free to have open dialogue with everyone—from those in entry level positions, up to the company founders.

What benefits do you offer to your employees?
Jeunesse provides a robust benefits package that covers 100 percent of the cost of employee medical insurance, life insurance, and a 401(k) plan. We also offer a state-of-the art onsite gym and a unique PTO policy that allows employees to take paid time off, as needed, rather than having a set number of earned hours.

What unique or unusual benefits do you also offer?
Through our Employee Perks Program, employees can enjoy special discounts on local sporting and other events, movies, hotels, car rentals and mobile phone service. We offer each employee a $75 monthly product allowance, which they can apply toward deeply discounted Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System products.

How does your company celebrate a job well done?
We celebrate our employees through our Employee of the Month program, quarterly team-building events, and catered lunches. Hard work is also acknowledged through annual performance reviews and salary increases.

How does your company support team members in their personal and professional development?
We encourage employees to attend seminars and leadership training, picking up the tab for job-related training. We are also very big proponents of promoting internally, moving people up in the organization. We give loyal and high-performing employees the chance to grow, develop and move into different positions and departments.

How does your company give back to the community?
Giving back isn’t just something we do here at Jeunesse, it’s the central reason why we exist in the first place. We are driven by the desire of our founders to not only help others realize their dreams, but to also make a difference in the lives of children around the world through our nonprofit foundation, Jeunesse Kids.
The mission of Jeunesse Kids is to empower communities to give children a brighter future. Jeunesse Kids has sponsored villages in China, Africa, Ecuador and India, providing a sustainable program that helps lift communities out of poverty.
At all major Jeunesse events, Jeunesse Kids partners with a local children’s charity to fund specific projects that support the needs of children in that community, such as provide children’s hospitals with lifesaving equipment, build schools, and provide access to clean water.

How do you develop and maintain trust between all levels of your company?
We develop trust through empowerment and communication. Employees are empowered with the knowledge and resources to meet their goals and know we believe in them. Our open-door policy helps foster meaningful conversation.

What is the single most fun day of the year at your company? Why?
Jeunesse was founded on Sept. 9, 2009 at 9 pm. We chose this date and time specifically because the number 9 represents longevity and our desire to build a company with real staying power. So, Sept. 9 is always a special day for us at Jeunesse. Our annual company anniversary is a company-wide celebration where everyone gathers to reflect on the success we’ve achieved and looks forward to the successes yet to come.

What is something new that you’ve added in 2018 to enhance your workplace?
The newest enhancement to our workplace is our Employee Incentive Program where those who are selected as Employees of the Month are entered into a drawing for an all-expenses-paid trip to one of the Jeunesse events around the word.


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