MONAT Global Receives Communitas Award for CSR Program MONAT Gratitude

MONAT Global

MONAT® Global, the Miami-based multinational manufacturer and distributor of premium hair care products, was recently awarded a Communitas Award for Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for its MONAT Gratitude program.

The Communitas Awards started in 2010 as an outgrowth of the pro bono recognition program of the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. The awards program is an international effort to recognize the spirit of communitas—people helping people. Communitas winners unselfishly give of themselves and their resources and are changing the way they do business to benefit their communities. Nominees are evaluated based on the extent and effectives of their program. The awards recognize exceptional businesses, organizations and individuals for excellence in community service and CSR.

“By recognizing individuals, organizations and companies for their volunteerism and socially responsible business practices, we are hoping to not only bring attention to great programs but are working with community-minded leaders to make the spirit of communitas an essential element of every business,” said Ed Dalheim, executive director of the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.

As a direct selling company, MONAT is an ardent supporter of the communities in which its Market Partners reside. As part of the company’s CSR, it created MONAT Gratitude with a mission to generate a positive impact and inspire change in the areas of education, children and families by working with visionary organizations that are improving the world.

“CSR is a vital component of any successful company,” said Stuart MacMillan, president of MONAT. “It’s important for MONAT’s executives, employees and Market Partners to give back to the communities in which we live and work.”

Rayner Urdaneta, CEO and co-founder of MONAT, agreed. “It’s a collective effort. As a corporation, we work hard to ensure MONAT offers the best products to our customers. Our Market Partners work hard and their communities are important to them. MONAT Gratitude is one way we can all help our neighbors.”