Do I have what it takes?


Everyone at some point in their career has silently asked this about themselves when accepting an advancement up the corporate ladder.

Struggling with insecurity on the inside, even while appearing confident on the outside, is a common battle for individuals who hold the highest authority in their organizations. For our cover story this month writer Courtney Roush takes a look at how a few direct selling executives view leadership and deal with the fear that comes along with it.

Next, our special feature this month tackles the hard truth of the rise in class action lawsuits our channel is facing. It’s no secret there are individuals and organizations, fueled by varied motivations, who are ready to amplify our channel’s missteps at any opportunity. Compliance isn’t just the responsibility of your legal department; it’s everyone’s job. We can’t afford to be complacent because class-action suits affect not only the reputation and bottom line of the defendant; they affect our industry at large.

This month we are excited to bring you two company spotlights, the first is Stream, who welcomes back Mark “Bouncer” Schiro as their CEO. The company provides electricity and natural gas services in nine states but is also expanding its footprint nationally by providing wireless services. Schiro says, “Number one, we are about relationships. I want everyone in this office to know that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.”

November 2018 Cover

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Next is SEACRET Direct, whose line of products boasts the power of the Dead Sea and its therapeutic salt and mud, which contain 26 essential minerals—12 of those minerals existing in the Dead Sea exclusively. Since moving from kiosks to direct selling in 2011, the company has more than doubled to over $200 million so far in 2018.

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