Avon Products Inc. Donates 3.5 Tons of Hygiene Products to Care Homes, Oncology Centers

Avon Czech Republic and Avon Slovakia have donated 3.5 tons of liquid soap and shower gel to care homes and oncology centers to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect millions of people across the globe, particularly vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those living with cancer.

Avon is working with two charity partners. Liga Proti Rakovině supports cancer patients and operates a network of oncology centers and hospitals. Úsměv Seniorům runs 400 care homes supporting senior citizens. The soap and shower gel will be distributed to the centers, hospitals and care homes.

“Hygiene products such as soap and shower gel are crucial for preventing the spread of the virus,” said Karina Takovenko, general manager, Slavics at Avon. “We are proud to work with Liga Proti Rakovině and Úsměv Seniorům to protect those who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. We see this donation as a message that we’re all in it together—and together we can fight the spread of Covid-19.”