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Q&A with Ryan Napierski

Ryan Napierski

Transformation is a Perpetual Process. Nu Skin President Ryan Napierski was named the DSA Chairman at the DSA Annual Meeting in June. I recently connected with Ryan to talk about his focus and vision for his upcoming new role as well as insights on what is happening at Nu Skin. We are a couple months…

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A Lifetime Of Change In One Decade

DSN Global 100

Changes in the global environment for direct selling companies are happening rapidly on all fronts. Shifting consumer expectations, tighter regulations, increasing digital demands and new competitors are forcing us to examine ourselves inside and out—question who we are, what we’re about and how we want to move forward. We can shrink from these challenges, or…

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New Report: Don’t Ignore Gen X for Leadership Roles

Generation X Gen X

According to a new report from global leadership consulting firm DDI, it’s a big mistake to ignore Generation X, especially for leadership jobs. The report, titled “The Hidden Potential of Generation X,” reveals that Generation X leaders possess a unique blend of strengths and skills in comparison to their baby boomer and millennial counterparts. “There’s been a…

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Growth of Digital Payment Market Being Driven by Millennials

digital payment

Millennials, who currently account for approximately 27 percent of the global population, are driving the growth of the digital payment market. According to, a financial news portal, payments by cash are slowly fading as the emergence of digital, or cashless payment options, are quickly being adopted by consumers. Technology is heavily integrated into the…

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Digital Doesn’t Have To Be Impersonal


Forget the industries, forget the products, what makes direct selling powerful is relationships. The first being the relationship direct selling companies nurture with their representatives, one that enables entrepreneurship and provides the tools for them to succeed. And the second; the one-on-one relationships that direct sellers maintain with their customers. Personalization is at the very heart…

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Gen Alpha: Get Ready, ‘Cuz Here They Come

Just when direct selling companies figured out how to engage with millennials … here comes Gen Alpha. Over the last decade, companies have invested a lot of time and energy into marketing to millennials, who in April of this year surpassed baby boomers to become the largest living generation. They’ll have another decade to start…

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Herbalife Study Reveals Time-Starved Consumers Skip Breakfast

Los Angeles-based Herbalife Nutrition, in conjunction with National Breakfast Month, announced the results of its Healthy Breakfast Survey of more than 8,000 global consumers. The survey about breakfast attitudes and consumption habits, which can have serious health implications for consumers, revealed that while 95 percent of respondents acknowledge the importance of eating breakfast, nearly 50 percent don’t…

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Generation Z’s Impact Is Closer Than You Think

So you think millennials have disrupted the market? Just wait until you see what the next generation of consumers has in store for the direct selling industry. Pinned as lazy, entitled or demanding, the millennial demographic has earned a bad reputation with the generations before them. They are the free thinkers with high expectations who…

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Salt Lake City Home to Youngest Entrepreneurs

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Salt Lake City area is home to several highly successful direct selling companies. Now, a new report by LendingTree®, the nation’s leading online loan marketplace, says the Utah capital is also the No. 1 city when it comes to young entrepreneurs. The study compared ages of business founders on their companies’ dates of origination…

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