SimplyFun Releases New Reading & Language Skills Game

SimplyFun, LLC., the publisher of award-winning educational board games, has released a new reading and language skills game, ARTributes, which recently earned a 2018 PAL (Play Advances Language) Award.

ARTributes challenges players ages 7 and up to take turns drawing pictures based on chosen descriptive words. The rest of the players or teams must try to guess what the picture is to win points. This helps players learn a range of adjectives to add to their vocabulary. ARTributes also builds imagination and creativity when players choose descriptive words and then decide on an image to draw related to those words.

The PAL Award recognizes outstanding toys, games and books unique in encouraging speech development based on more than 30 years and 15,000 therapy hours of insight by Sherry Artemenko, a leading language expert and educator.

“Kids really loved this game as they drew their descriptive word and listened to all the guessing going on,” said Artemenko. “What a great way to learn vocabulary and try to describe an attribute visually, which brought on a lot of explanations. Your creativity, hard work, and developmental focus is evident in this outstanding product.”

Reading and language arts, one of four skill sets that are the focus of game development at SimplyFun, hone in on letter recognition, phonics, spelling, vocabulary and storytelling to support a love of reading and comprehension of early wordsmiths and future grammarians. Other skill sets at SimplyFun include math and STEM, life and thinking skills and social sciences & Studies.