New Avon White Paper Explores Relationship Between Beauty And Happiness

New Avon White Paper

Avon Products, Inc. announced its major new white paper, Beauty, Happiness and the Rise of the “Perfectly Me.”

This cultural snapshot of Avon’s perspective on beauty explores the company’s new thoughts around women, happiness and ever-evolving attitudes to beauty.

The report was co-created by key members of Avon’s research and development and innovation teams and led by Chief Scientific Officer Louise Scott.

“Beauty is important,” says Scott. “At its best, it’s a catalyst for positive change. At worst, it’s confusing and alienating. By broadening the conversation around it, we enrich, explore and also challenge our perceptions of beauty.”

The white paper, following last year’s much-referenced report Beauty, the Future and the Power of Emotions, expands and develops the theme of an emotionally aware response to beauty by looking at the ways in which we believe our customers are manifesting those emotions right now.

Findings from the report:

  • Happiness is a key driver for customers right now. Where is this search for happiness coming from? How is it manifesting itself in women’s lives? And how is it informing their beauty choices?
  • The self-love movement is moving into a space of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Avon has coined this the “Perfectly Me.” But how do we ensure this message stays relevant? What are the nuances in the way she wants to look, and the way she wants to feel, that beauty companies should be alive to?
  • There’s a growing connection with products that can surprise and delight and foster a shareable sense of “play.” But there’s also an awakening to the idea that we should be broadening the definition of what beauty means, starting new conversations about things that affect women’s lives that don’t necessarily sit under the traditional banner of “beauty.”

According to Avon, the new white paper will help propel thinking into 2020 and beyond, both highlighting the importance of beauty in women’s lives and the responsibility of companies like Avon to enrich and inspire women everywhere.

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