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Avon Products, Inc. Reveals Winner of Women Startup Competition


Genetika+ has won Avon’s Women Startup Competition 2019. Genetika+, led by Talia Cohen Solal, has developed cutting edge technology to determine which drug to treat depression will be best suited to each patient, making treatment more effective, more quickly. The start-up from Jerusalem was crowned the winner during the final event in London, followed in…

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Avon Introduces New Brand, Distillery


Avon Products, Inc. announced the launch of Distillery, a new skincare and make-up brand that celebrates clean beauty without compromise. According to Avon, the new collection offers huge potential for driving the company’s brand rejuvenation and growth. It’s backed by an innovative Instagram virtual distillery to create an engaging journey to purchase, opening up access…

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New Avon White Paper Explores Relationship Between Beauty And Happiness

New Avon White Paper

Avon Products, Inc. announced its major new white paper, Beauty, Happiness and the Rise of the “Perfectly Me.” This cultural snapshot of Avon’s perspective on beauty explores the company’s new thoughts around women, happiness and ever-evolving attitudes to beauty. The report was co-created by key members of Avon’s research and development and innovation teams and led by Chief Scientific Officer Louise…

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Avon Joins Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree Campaign

#BeCrueltyFree Campaign

Avon Products, Inc. announced its support for a worldwide ban on animal testing for cosmetics by backing Humane Society International on its #BeCrueltyFree initiative. The campaign is leading legislative reform to prohibit cosmetics testing on animals in all major global beauty markets by 2023. Avon has committed to support #BeCruetlyFree to drive regulatory change in key markets…

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Avon Becomes Founding Patron of New British Beauty Council

British Beauty Council

London-based Avon Products, Inc. announced that it has become a founding patron of the prestigious new British Beauty Council. The Council was established to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the beauty industry. It seeks to promote the huge contribution that beauty makes to the UK economy and to build beauty as a career…

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Avon Introduces Personalized Beauty App

The digital tool, built in partnership with Techkon, will deliver diagnostics regardless of ethnicity, skin tone and type using a phone camera and a unique calibration card exclusively available to Avon Representatives. Avon Products, Inc. conducted research into how mathematical-based color theory could be used to predict an individual’s make-up shade and skin-care needs and worked…

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