Mary Kay Launches Pink Young Cosmetics Line

Pink Young

Mary Kay recently made the color pink more powerful in China when it launched Pink Young, a cosmetics line that defines the power of today’s women.

“Pink Young stands for passion, enthusiasm and courage,” said KK Chua, CEO of Mary Kay Asia, during the launch ceremony for the new products. “It’s the answer for today’s woman who wants to show her femininity along with her fierceness.”

Pink Young, developed by the Mary Kay Design Studio comprised of the global creative team at Mary Kay, was first unveiled on March 26 in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. The new line was chosen as an exclusive cosmetic partner for GALALAND, a platform for top dress brands to launch their works at Shanghai Fashion Week. Created for “sheroes”—women who know what they want and pursue it—the line uses expanded shades of pink to showcase professionalism and confidence.

Andy Koh, a makeup artist for Shanghai Fashion Week and long-time partner of Mary Kay China, said Pink Young stands out compared with other brands’ use of the color.

“Researchers behind the Pink Young products are very strict with their choice of colors,” said Koh. “For example, the night series showcases pink with metallic shades, a charming combination under late-night lighting. The outstanding series uses darker shades to convey women’s self-assurance.”

As a global leader in the beauty industry, Mary Kay claims Pink Young was created with three adjectives in mind: professional, fashionable and international. The Mary Kay Design Studio visited locations around the world—like New York, South Korea and Shanghai—to find inspiration on how powerful women live and work in different cities and cultures.

Shen Mengchen, renowned anchor in China, said she fell in love with Pink Young at first sight. In an industry that demands professionalism as well as a great sense of style, Mengchen claims Pink Young products caught her eye immediately with their unique and high-quality shades.

“There’s no doubt that pink is loved by every woman,” Mengchen said as a special guest during the launching ceremony. “But the pinks of Pink Young are so special. They feel like the colors of empowerment.”