LR Launches Its First Health Product for Quick Energy Boost

Ahlen, Germany-based LR Health & Beauty is further expanding its competencies in the health sector by launching its first product in the energy category: LR LIFETAKT Mind Master Extreme is a quick energy boost for mental and physical performance in to-go format.

LR has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of health products. This segment is one of the main growth drivers of the company. Up to now, the focus has been on dietary supplements that are consumed over the long term. Now the product portfolio is being expanded.

“Life is becoming more and more fast-paced and the challenges of everyday life are increasing,” said Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl, CEO of LR Health & Beauty. “We now offer a solution that helps consumers to quickly cope with stressful situations. In addition, LR LIFETAKT Mind Master Extreme provides our sales partners with an innovative product that supports them in expanding their business.”

The LR LIFETAKT Mind Master Extreme sticks are in to-go format, which fits in pockets and are ready to hand. The concentrated powder, which is meant to provide relief during stress peaks and counteract fatigue, is consumed without water. Ingredients include caffeine from guarana that is intended to increase performance and concentration; B vitamins to reduce fatigue and improve cognitive functions; aloe vera powder and essential amino acids to support metabolism and ensure a general sense of well-being; and antioxidants such as vitamin E and C to protect the cells and reduce oxidative stress.

LR LIFETAKT Mind Master Extreme is part of the LR LIFETAKT product line, which was launched in early January 2018 and bundles high-quality dietary supplements and meal replacement products. These products were put together by experts to form six overall solutions to meet current demands on the healthcare market, including “enhanced performance.”

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