LifeVantage Enters New Zealand Market

New Zealand

As part of its continued global expansion, LifeVantage Corporation has formally commenced business in New Zealand.

Select LifeVantage products have been offered in New Zealand on a not-for-resale basis for approximately 18 months as part of the company’s Global Customer Program, helping pave the way for the company to now open for distributor enrollments as well.

“New Zealand has demonstrated steady growth since opening as a customer market,” said Courtland Pearson, LifeVantage senior vice president of Global Field Development, Asia Pacific. “We anticipate New Zealand achieving long-term, solid growth with a strong launch right out of the gate.”

New Zealand will initially offer Protandim® Nrf1 Synergizer, Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer, ProBio probiotic supplement, TrueScience®Skin Care System, and TrueScience® Hair Care System.

A prelaunch event featuring LifeVantage Senior Vice President of Research & Development Dr. Brian Dixon occurred earlier this month in Auckland. A launch meeting was held in Auckland on Nov. 12 and a grand opening celebration for the New Zealand market will be held on April 23, 2020.

“As a health and wellness company, it’s always rewarding to see our products become more accessible throughout the world,” said LifeVantage CEO Darren Jensen, “but there’s an added level of energy and excitement when you open a market in a region of the world that puts such a high premium on health. We’re thrilled to now count the Kiwis among our biohacker community.” Both New Zealand and Australia are listed among the top 10 health conscious countries in the world and rank among the Top 20 in terms of both overall health and life expectancy.

With the addition of New Zealand, LifeVantage now serves 16 markets globally and four additional markets through its global customer and cross-border e-commerce programs.