How Your Message Can Win the Day


It’s only natural to tell the world through your marketing how great and unique your company and products and services are.

That’s been the formula for as long as marketing has been around. But in today’s competitive landscape companies need to communicate clearly why their prospective customers and distributors need their products in their lives.

In our cover story this month, writer Courtney Roush talks about how everyday people the world over are looking for solutions to their problems. And those direct selling companies who can effectively show empathy for what they are going through, while helping them solve their problems through their products and services, will win their business time and time again, and create raving fans who will spread the gospel of how you helped them.

At the end of the day, if your message doesn’t clearly communicate how you can help customers and distributors win the day, you will be simply ignored. Your company story may be very compelling and worth telling, but it needs to also connect the dots in helping people get their unfulfilled needs met.

In this issue we also take a look at how many field organizations are using Instagram TV (IGTV) in promoting their businesses, building a following and their own personal brand. Writer David Lee offers a few effective ways direct sellers (both at corporate and in the field) can get the most out of this new Instagram feature.

We also are excited to share with you company profiles on Perfectly Posh and Kannaway. I was able to visit Perfectly Posh’s headquarters in Salt Lake City recently and came away thoroughly impressed and delighted how CEO Ann Dalton and team have created an open and fun culture that also extends to their consultants and their fun products. Be sure to read the Q&A with Ann and Chief Sales Officer Eddie Silcock.

Did you know the U.S. hemp market pulled in $820 million in sales in 2017? With the current Farm Bill set to be passed later this year, the market is poised for continued growth. Kannaway is one of the companies who have entered this exploding market. CEO Blake Schroeder shares his story of being a pioneer in the cannabis space, as well as the first company in direct selling to enter the market. How he and his team have successfully dealt with regulation, sourcing, and promotion is a great primer to all that are considering entering the market.

And finally, if your company hasn’t nominated itself for the Best Places to Work, be sure to do so as nominations close October 27.

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