Avon Introduces New Brand, Distillery


Avon Products, Inc. announced the launch of Distillery, a new skincare and make-up brand that celebrates clean beauty without compromise.

According to Avon, the new collection offers huge potential for driving the company’s brand rejuvenation and growth. It’s backed by an innovative Instagram virtual distillery to create an engaging journey to purchase, opening up access to Avon where interested consumers are already engaging with beauty conversations, browsing and shopping.

“Compelling concepts like clean beauty without compromise not only keep Avon relevant and on-trend in the fast-moving, modern beauty space, but help make our Representatives a destination,” said Avon’s Chief Beauty and Brand Officer James Thompson. “They’re offering something consumers can’t get anywhere else: the choice to select the products that suit their beauty preferences with personal service and accessible prices.”

The nine super-concentrated products—five skincare and four make-up—are distilled to their essence with the highest levels of actives and no unnecessary fillers. Each one combines high-performance, vegan-friendly ingredients with environmentally conscious packaging.

“Avon has always been committed to delivering high-performing products while also considering our impact on the planet,” said Louise Scott, Avon’s chief scientific officer. “With Distillery we’re taking another step on that journey by leveraging our cutting-edge science and top-quality ingredients to create a collection that is both pure and potent but also eco-conscious.”

The collection launches with the five skincare products first. The make-up range will follow in early 2020.

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