Avon Foundation for Women Appoints New Directors

The Avon Foundation for Women Board is welcoming five new directors to help deliver on its vision to build a better world for women, through women.

Together with the existing members, the new directors are already effectively setting the bar high with the Foundation’s newly announced $1 million commitment to help front-line services for victims of gender-based violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a new chapter for the Avon Foundation for Women with the appointment of this incredible group of leaders to drive forward on our ambition to help more women around the globe,” said Avon Foundation President Natalie Deacon. “As we look to increase our impact on women’s lives, and work in tandem with Avon’s brand activism strategy, this newly inducted Board of Directors has the knowledge and purpose at heart to provide great contributions.”

The new directors are:

  • Susana Casabe, named Vice President

Casabe has been with Avon for 24 years and has established her career both in marketing, as category manager (F&H), and in communications. She is also the vice president of Fundacion Avon Argentina.

  • Christine Jaworsky, named Vice President

Jaworsky joined Avon Products, Inc. in 2007, becoming a member of the Avon Foundation for Women team in March 2008. She has led the Avon Foundation’s worldwide initiatives to help end violence against women and girls, to eradicate breast cancer and to advance women’s economic opportunity.

  • Louise Scott, named Vice President

Scott joined Avon Products, Inc. in September 2013 as vice president for New Technology and Innovation, and assumed the role of chief scientific officer, heading Avon’s Worldwide Research & Development team since April 2015.

  • Karina Takovenko, named Vice President

Takovenko has held numerous roles at Avon and has experience across commercial marketing, strategy development, finance and sales. In 2018, she was appointed general manager in the Slavics, leading the “open-up” transformation strategy implementation.

  • Charyl Zweigbaum, named Treasurer

Zweigbaum has been with Avon for 20 years. She has spent her career in Finance, holding positions in Corporate Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Finance Policies & Training, Treasury and Investor Relations.

In addition to the new members, the Avon Foundation for Women Board of Directors includes Amy Greene, chairwoman; Natalie Deacon, president; Ginny Edwards, secretary; and Kay Nemoto, vice president.