Young Living Hosts Over 210,000 at Virtual Worldwide Convention

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Young Living recently hosted its first-ever virtual International Grand Convention, with more than 210,000 people from 81 countries virtually attending the four-day online event.

The convention was designed to keep attendees safe from the COVID-19 pandemic while still providing an immersive, enriching experience. Attendees from around the world were able to interact together live via the event chat function. These chats featured lively discussions about the event and the new products announced during the different sessions.

“We were thrilled to see our members’ reaction to this year’s big event,” said Jared Turner, president and COO of Young Living. “It took quite an effort from our events team to pivot our entire convention to an online format and seeing all their hard work come to fruition was incredibly rewarding.”

At the event, Young Living debuted new oil blends, glass diffusers and essential oil aroma rings, as well as a full skincare line. Attendees also learned new strategies for building at-home businesses, how to create happier, healthier homes, and the potential health benefits of products like CBD.

“This year”s virtual convention was a historic event that came out of our desire to connect with our members knowing how we would miss being together and sharing in each other’s success at our annual convention,” said Mary Young, co-founder and CEO of Young Living. “Our virtual experience was beautiful to watch and the music was spectacular. It was educational, entertaining, and so rewarding as we were able to share our powerful message around the world with over 200,000 members and non-members alike. It was a thrill to be part of so many new discoveries about virtual communication and future possibilities.”