New Avon Launches Health and Wellness Product, Espira

New Avon LLC, a New York-based beauty brand that has served North America for more than 130 years, recently expanded into the health and wellness category with the introduction of Espira by Avon.

Espira by Avon is a nutritional supplement line designed with naturally sourced ingredients to restore and boost natural energy for women and men. Made from the highest quality ingredients from whole foods and superfoods, Espira products use non-GMO ingredients that are free from artificial flavors and colors as well as preservatives. Created with energy-building nutrients, they contain clinically studied ingredients used to achieve noticeable results.

“We are rapidly transforming Avon to become the leading social selling company in North America, and broadening our portfolio into the health and wellness category will be a key driver of our success,” said Scott White, Avon CEO.  “The Espira launch is a natural evolution for us. Avon has been taking care of women and their families for over a century. We are very proud to enter this critical category with a highly innovative, high-performing line of products that is unlike any other on the market today. Our Representatives are excited for the opportunity to build their businesses and reach new customers with Espira.”

Betty Palm, president of social selling for Avon, says the name Espira was derived from the words aspire and inspire, and born out of a desire to help people feel and look their best. “The inspiration for Espira came directly from our Representatives as they lead busy lives as moms, nurturers, caregivers, volunteers, community members and CEOs of their households and of their Avon businesses,” she said. “Our goal was to develop products that would support them and their customers in living healthier, more productive lives.”

Through extensive research, Avon has identified and addressed specific areas of concern in consumers’ lives. The Espira collection includes 11 products categorized into three principles of wellness: Restore, Boost and Glow. Some products were designed to provide quick results, with visible change within the first bottle (30 days). Other products were created for every day and focused on vitality, natural energy and better basics to give a strong nutritional foundation.

“The Espira line is an easy solution for men and women searching for better sleep, boosted energy and overall better nutritional support,” said Ashley Koff, registered dietitian and consulting nutritionist for Avon. “Espira supplements are a naturally sourced option made with the highest quality ingredients to help promote a healthy lifestyle.”

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