Mannatech Introduces 3-in-1 Fitness Drink Mix, EMPACT+™

Flower Mound, Texas-based Mannatech Inc., a global health and wellness company, recently introduced its three-in-one performance drink mix, EMPACT+. The major elements of fueling, hydration and recovery will be combined into a single fitness product.

“Sports and exercise supplementation has become increasingly sophisticated,” said Mannatech Chief Operating and Marketing Officer Joel Bikman. “Until now, athletes had a product to take before they exercise, and a different product for during the activity, and even a third product to take afterwards to shorten recovery time. EMPACT+ combines fueling, hydration and recovery into one convenient drink and offers a difference that you can really feel.”

The unique performance blend in the EMPACT+ product provides safe energy, with no stimulants, that can be enjoyed any time, allowing users to do more, longer and recover faster.

“Our new EMPACT+ drink mix is better than sports drinks, sodas or lattes for fueling workouts or work days,” said Mannatech President and CEO Al Bala.

EMPACT+ replenishes electrolytes, vital nutrients and branched chain amino acids that help the body stay hydrated during physical activity, helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management, and support the development and post-exercise repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue and recovery. It is designed to provide a range of physical and mental enhancements that power its users through workouts, exercise and daily activities.

“If you drink anything other than water, you should be drinking EMPACT+ instead,” said Mannatech’s Senior Global Wellness Director Dr. Steve Nugent. “It’s the perfect all-in-one fitness drink and it is superior to any other fitness product out there. It was designed for serious athletes, but it also supports anyone with an active lifestyle.”

EMPACT+ drink mix will be offered in convenient Pineapple Orange Splash-flavored single-serving slimsticks. It will first be available in North America on June 1, 2018, and then made available to Mannatech’s independent sales associates in other parts of the world later in the year.