Herbalife Donates More than $3 Million through Nutrition for Zero Hunger Campaign

Herbalife Nutrition’s charitable arm, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, supports 168 community-based Herbalife Nutrition partners throughout the world to bring nutrition to vulnerable communities.

With these partners, the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, which aims to end all forms of hunger and achieve food security and improved nutrition worldwide by 2030, has succeeded in:

  • Providing nearly 700,000 nutritious meals to children and families
  • Donated more than 800,000 servings of Herbalife Nutrition products to communities in need
  • Provided essential dietary supplements and nutrition education to more than 87,000 beneficiaries

Many of the company’s 94 countries where the initiative operates have made a difference as well. The North America market donated over 3,500 pounds of food to local food banks, Mexico Herbalife communities gifted 5,600 units of Herbalife Nutrition products, and participants in China funded the education of nearly 1,500 rural doctors on quality nutrition.

“We know what it takes to eradicate hunger and have the ability to do so,” said Alan Hoffman, Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs at Herbalife Nutrition. “The real question is whether we have the will to do so. Working with our incredible and dedicated partner organizations, we are committed to doing our part to eradicate hunger and have been able to reach communities all around the world. There is still much to do and we are not giving up until we bring hunger to zero.”