Chrysalis Joins Herbalife Nutrition’s “Nutrition for Zero Hunger” Initiative

Herbalife Nutrition, and the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, announced its partnership expansion with Los Angeles nonprofit, Chrysalis, an organization dedicated to helping individuals out of poverty and homelessness.

This partnership supports ongoing programs for job placement and career development and provides nutrition and hydration products to program recipients. Chrysalis joins the Company’s growing network of organizations under its Nutrition for Zero Hunger (NFZH) campaign, offering access to an array of supportive services to help people make better choices about their futures.

“Our Nutrition for Zero Hunger program is trying to eradicate hunger around the globe and we’re happy to partner with Chrysalis to make a greater impact in the lives of people in our own backyard,” said Alan Hoffman, executive vice president, Global Corporate Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), malnourished adults are unable to work and malnourished children under perform in school, impacting growth and the economy. Food insecurity and lack of nutrition education continuously plagues the displaced and low-income communities, which demonstrates the importance of this addition of nutrition product donations and nutrition education to help further the success of Chrysalis’ important work.

Under the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, the Company has donated $60,000 to support ongoing programs. Additionally, the Company provides 1,400 nutrient-dense protein bars and hydration products monthly, helping Chrysalis to provide healthy nutrition in snacks and lunches distributed to program members. Herbalife Nutrition will further support Chrysalis by using its platforms as a call to action for volunteers and to raise awareness about the needs of this growing community.

“Working with a leading nutrition company like Herbalife Nutrition provides an additional opportunity to incorporate essential healthy nutrition to help fuel our client’s success as they reconnect to the workforce,” said Mark Loranger, president and CEO, Chrysalis. “During these difficult times, the need for our services is the greatest it has ever been, and support from community-minded corporations is needed and appreciated.”