Avon Foundation Argentina Awards $1 Million to Social Change Projects

Avon Foundation Argentina

The Avon Foundation Argentina recently announced new awards totaling $1 million to women-led social projects at the 12th annual Avon Foundation Women Solidarity Awards.

Five winners will be granted $200,000 each towards an initiative they’ve created and implemented to improve the lives of people in their communities. The Solidarity Awards aim to stimulate and support community projects with a female-focus to create positive social and economic change across the country. Since its launch in 2007, the Awards have provided 35 grants, selected from more than 1,300 projects submitted by women from all over the country.

Among this year’s winners are Carmen Laffont for Building Future, a project to tackle illiteracy and support young people to attend and finish their schooling, and Brenda Pignol Ramos, with Recycling with Inclusion, an initiative to promote environmental sustainability and facilitate the inclusion of women with disabilities into the work force.

Also recognized was Mirtha Graciela Sisnero whose project focuses on gender perspective and human rights training for SAETA, a transportation corporation. Mirtha’s legal case regarding her right to work as a bus driver in the public transportation system of the city of Salta has become one of the most significant legal milestones for women’s rights in Argentina.

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