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Mannatech: Sound Science Yields Value & Growth

Mannatech Q2

Throughout its history, Mannatech has founded its success on rock solid science and is now poised for robust growth. Since its founding in 1994, Mannatech, Inc. has made a name for itself through product innovation and a commitment to sound science. Indeed, when you walk into the company’s headquarters in Flower Mound, Texas, the first…

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The Power Of The Pitch


Whether it’s a presentation during an in-home gathering, an impromptu meeting over coffee after work, a Facebook party or something else, direct selling representatives have more options than ever for sharing their respective products and business opportunities. What is it that moves a prospect to become a trialist and, ultimately, a customer? Clearly, the seller’s…

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Amazon Now Key Player in Health and Wellness Sector

The “Amazon Effect,” the disruption of the retail market by the online giant, made many in the direct selling channel take notice regarding their e-commerce and customer service practices. Now Amazon’s purchase of eco-minded natural grocer Whole Foods is helping it to become a formidable challenger in another area that has typically been strong in…

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Defining Distributors versus Customers

With more than 40 years of direct selling experience under his belt, John Fleming knows just about all there is to know about this channel. But there’s one thing that still puzzles him, says the Direct Selling News former Publisher and now Ambassador: “I’ve never understood why anyone associated with the direct selling business model didn’t understand…

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