New Avon Transforms Its Beauty Offerings

New Avon is putting a fresh face forward under the new ownership of parent company LG Household & Health Care, Ltd.

While the iconic brand has a longstanding history of award-winning products, industry-leading innovation and a network of 250,000 sales Representatives throughout North America, Avon will now have access to LG H&H’s world-class R&D capabilities in cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, hair care and packaging and design, allowing the brand to benefit from the cutting-edge technology and best-in-class quality of Korea’s leading consumer goods company.

Under the LG H&H umbrella, Avon will unveil multiple cross-LG brand partnerships later this year, harnessing top Korean innovation, science, and technology.

Upcoming collaborations include Avon x THE FACE SHOP, a collection of skincare and makeup in exclusive shade ranges and new-to-Avon formats such as the Korea-beloved “cushion” formulations of foundation, highlighter and blush. A flagship beauty brand for LG H& H, THE FACE SHOP is steeped in the concept of “luxurious naturalism,” and has been a driving force in the Korean cosmetics market since its December 2003 debut. There are currently 1,200 THE FACE SHOP stores in Korea.

The evolved cosmetics delivery systems, expanded shade ranges and healthy ingredients showcase Avon’s dedicated push into the future of beauty, and its growing commitment to bringing consumers and Avon Representatives top trends and the latest formulas.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited about our new alliance with LG Household & Health,” said Evy deAngelis, head of Sales Enablement for New Avon. “As a company, Avon has always served two equally important constituencies: passionate consumers and our community of inspirational Representatives. Under the new ownership of LG H&H, known for its pre-eminence in technology and innovation, we’re able to offer our consumers and Representatives an unparalleled slate of new initiatives and product offerings.”

Avon also plans to enact new programs to support upcoming launches as well as the greater brand in hopes of growing and diversifying their consumer and representative base. This includes a new reward program made with Swarovski® Created Diamonds that recognizes top team builders. While product offerings and partnerships may be modernizing, Avon will continue their proud history of empowering women through economic opportunity and entrepreneurship.

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