Mannatech Holding Innovative Product Focus Events in November

Mannatech has created an innovative series of weekly product focus events for the month of November.

The overarching goal of each event is to bring added value to future customers, and to help Associates close more sales.

Mannatech Associates simply invite guests to a virtual 20-minute TED Talk-like presentation where Mannatech’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Steve Nugent and other experts educate viewers on various wellness topics. At the end of the event there is a special offer for new customers to make a product purchase. 

“Part of what is making these events so popular among our Associates is the gig economy-like nature of the sales process,” says CEO Al Bala. “Much like how the Uber app brings drivers the customers, our Associates simply invite future customers to an engaging presentation and Mannatech helps in closing the sale. It’s becoming an innovative recruiting and selling tool that is helping get results.”

The weekly events are providing Associates some added momentum going into the gift-giving holiday season, culminating with their Black Friday event where the company will be live streaming from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (CST). During this six-hour time period, Dr. Nugent and other product experts will highlight current wellness topics, and company executives will be sharing product promotions as well as awarding prizes every 5-10 minutes to viewers who tune in.

“These product focus events are helping make November a month to remember, and we look forward to having more of them in 2021,” said Bala.