AdvoCare Launches Preferred Customer Plan

AdvoCare on Wednesday launched a new Preferred Customer Program to better distinguish between their Distributors and loyal customers who want to buy products at a discount.

With more than 620,000 Distributorships, the Texas-based health and wellness company sees the Preferred Customer offering as a way to more easily interact with customers and as a tool that Independent Distributors can use to engage those solely interested in products.

From the corporate perspective, the program allows AdvoCare to “better serve those who are engaged with us,” says Allison Levy, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. “This will let us tailor our messaging for customers as well as for business-building Distributors and those who are intentional about wanting to share the products.”

Here’s how AdvoCare’s Preferred Customer plan works:

A Preferred Customer pays $19.95, signs an agreement and receives a promotional product kit, an online account and a 20 percent product discount. Over time, Preferred Customers can increase their discount to 30 percent. When Preferred Customers place orders, AdvoCare’s online systems will automatically populate a Distributor’s sales compliance forms.

An Independent Distributor pays $59.95, signs an agreement and receives a larger promotional product kit, a product catalogue, IMPACT magazine and online support. Distributors can earn up to a 40 percent discount.

Distributors also gain access to a wealth of online training in the Getting Started module, followed by additional digital and in-person trainings designed to help build their business.

AdvoCare also soon will launch new customer trainings (for those who want it) to more fully educate people about AdvoCare products.

A new Product Navigator application will support these trainings and give customers and Distributors a new online tool with which to discover, learn about and recommend products for specific customer needs.

Product Navigator aggregates many of AdvoCare’s best-selling products into a database that matches product bundles with customer needs and goals.

“This opens up AdvoCare to a whole new group of people who may not want to be Distributors but who enjoy the products, and want to buy them at a discount,” Levy says.

AdvoCare, which saw net sales of $719 million in 2015, shared news of the new program with its sales leaders yesterday and will conduct a conference call for interested Distributors today. A page on the AdvoCare website also explains the Preferred Customer program.

In two weeks, AdvoCare will roll out the conversion piece of Preferred Customer, to allow people already engaged with AdvoCare to choose a path that aligns with their individual needs. Levy expects the process to take a few months, but says she looks forward to seeing how people who join AdvoCare every day choose to sign up.

“This first year will be very educational and enlightening for us,” Levy says.

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