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USANA Supplement Awarded ConsumerLab Seal of Approval

USANA ConsumerLab

USANA’s Procosa® supplement, formulated to help maintain healthy cartilage and joints, recently received a seal of approval award from “Having our products tested and approved by companies like are vital in maintaining consumer trust,” said Dan Macuga, USANA’s chief communications and marketing officer. “USANA’s record of third-party approval on its supplements shows that we have always…

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A Quest From Good To Great – ARIIX’s Slow And Steady Plan For Success

Throughout history, high importance has been placed on the number seven. Seven is said to represent completeness and the aspect of things well done. ARIIX Founded: 2011 Headquarters: Bountiful, UT Top Executive: Fred Cooper, Founder and CEO Products: Toxin-free supplements, weight loss, air/water purification, skincare, personal care and essential oils products. Annual Revenue: $178 Million With…

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Amway Launches Its First Car Air Treatment Product

Ada, Michigan-based Amway introduced Atmosphere Drive™, a world-class air treatment system designed to provide clean, safe air inside your vehicle, which can be up to 15 times worse than the air outdoors, according to a study by the British Environmental Audit Committee. Atmosphere Drive is the first generation of car air treatment systems from Amway,…

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