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Are You Sure Your Data Is Safe?


Vigilance, continuous learning are industry’s best defenses against cybercriminals. It has become a painfully common headline: “Cyberthieves breach company’s system, steal credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, birthdates, passport numbers . . .” High-profile corporations such as Target, Equifax and Marriott all have been robbed of massive amounts of valuable consumer data in recent years, proving…

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Welcome To 2019!


Just as the arrival of a new year allows us start a new chapter and usher in new ideas, we too at Direct Selling News are excited to present to you a few new items for show and tell. As you can see we have added a new coat of paint to our look and…

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A Promising Path for PURE

People United Reaching Everyone takes the Hi-Act to new growth. PURE Founded: 2008 Headquarters: Frisco, Texas Top Executive: Daren Hogge, CEO | Dae Geun Jung, Founder & Chairman of the Board Products: Health and Wellness According to the dictionary, evolve means “to come forth gradually into being.” This seems to sum up the path PURE: People United…

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Youngevity Launches Two New Hemp Products


Youngevity recently announced the launch of two new hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products: HempFX™ Hydration™ – Sleep and HempFX™ Hydration™ – Pure. HempFX™ Hydration™ – Sleep is formulated to provide a restful night’s sleep with the health benefits of CBD. HempFX™ Hydration™ – Pure is formulated to provide daily CBD for people of all ages who want…

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World’s First Direct Seller of Camel Milk Products Launches

Camel Life, America’s newest entry into the direct sales space, is launching today. The Wellington, Florida-based company has been strategically planning its direct selling debut for more than a year. Camel Life will launch with 14 products and has more than a dozen products in development. Product offerings at launch include shower gels, foaming soaps,…

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