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Direct Selling Australia Announces 2019 Industry Award Winners

Direct Selling Australia

Direct Selling Australia announced the winners of the 2019 DSA Industry Awards on June 24 at its 52nd annual conference, Get in Touch. The awards recognize the achievements of member companies that are transforming the lives of those seeking flexible and meaningful ways to earn an income, often following an exit from the workforce due to…

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A Lifetime Of Change In One Decade

DSN Global 100

Changes in the global environment for direct selling companies are happening rapidly on all fronts. Shifting consumer expectations, tighter regulations, increasing digital demands and new competitors are forcing us to examine ourselves inside and out—question who we are, what we’re about and how we want to move forward. We can shrink from these challenges, or…

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Tenacity and Tech: Kyäni’s 20/20 Vision


For Kyäni founders Kirk Hansen, Jim Hansen and Carl Taylor, the direct selling channel was new territory, much like the vast, untouched landscape that produces the wild Alaskan blueberry, an essential ingredient to Kyäni’s Triangle of Health flagship products. KYÄNI Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Idaho Falls, Idaho Top Executive: Founders Kirk Hansen, Jim Hansen and Carl Taylor;…

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Find Your Joy


One of the aspects we cherish most about the direct selling community is its joining together under a common goal. No matter what, everyone pulls together in support of this growing family. This particular time of year is all about celebration and this spirit of comradery, as we prepare for our annual Global 100 awards…

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