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Are You Sure Your Data Is Safe?


Vigilance, continuous learning are industry’s best defenses against cybercriminals. It has become a painfully common headline: “Cyberthieves breach company’s system, steal credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, birthdates, passport numbers . . .” High-profile corporations such as Target, Equifax and Marriott all have been robbed of massive amounts of valuable consumer data in recent years, proving…

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Facebook Breach May Bring About EU-Style GDPR Privacy Rules in U.S.

Recent news of a Facebook breach might have a major impact on Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) practices in the U.S. News just before Christmas that Facebook is allowing advertisers and marketers direct access to personal data—and even private conversations—may have the effect of accelerating consideration in the U.S. of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy rules, according to…

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New Report Shows More Digital Disruption Coming

The speed of technological disruption is accelerating. Consider this: It took about 80 years for Americans to adopt the dishwasher. The consumer internet has become commonplace in less than a decade. Technology will continue to disrupt the way we work and the way we engage with employees and consumers. In the coming year, expect more…

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Is Your Website GDPR-Compliant?

On May 25, the strict new data privacy law in the European Union that limits what information can be collected about people online, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), took effect. Europe’s new privacy measures allow people to limit the information they leave behind when browsing social media, reading the news or shopping online. Businesses…

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