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Annual Meeting and the Way Forward


It feels like opening day! Or a Broadway premiere. Or the first day of a new job. The excitement is there, palpable. It’s the future— the potential, excitement, fear, danger, and thrill of something new and unknown. That is what I am hearing from direct selling executives across the country as we take the next…

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Youth & Beauty From The Inside Out: Yijia’s Belief In Nature’s Power

FOUNDER’S BIOGRAPHY George Guo is the founder and chairman of YiJia. With over 20 years of experience in the direct selling field, the successful entrepreneur with keen insights established YiJia in 2004. The company’s name where “Yi” in Chinese represents “wealth and infinity” and “Jia” stands for “peace and happiness,” symbolizes Guo’s aspiration to create…

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Natural Health Trends Down 3% for 2018

Natural Health Trends Down 3%

Natural Health Trends Corp. (NASDAQ: NHTC), a direct-selling and e-commerce company that markets under the NHT Global brand, recently announced its financial results for 2018. For the fourth quarter ending December 31, 2018, total revenue was $41.6 million, decrease of 10 percent compared to $46.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, and a decrease of…

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The Conversation Advantage


E-commerce giants and the gig economy are fierce opponents, but direct selling’s unique marketing strategy could be its best chance to weather the competition. Meaningful human interaction can seem like a dying art in this digital age. Front porches have been replaced by neighborhood Facebook groups, teachers assign homework by email, and political candidates rely…

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Direct Selling’s “Re-Defining Moment”

Direct Selling Association

Some years ago, on this page, I wrote about a “defining moment” for direct selling. And during last year’s DSA Annual Meeting, I spoke of the changes that were taking place in direct selling, and those changes I predicted we could see over the next few years. Now, as we move full ahead into 2019,…

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Avon Announces Long-Term Growth Strategy

Avon Q1 2019

Avon Products, Inc. (AVP) shares rose 1.7% after the company recently announced its new growth strategy and long-term financial targets for 2021. The updated “Open Up Avon” strategy is geared at bringing Avon back on its growth trajectory by focusing on revamping the direct selling business, renovating the brand and boosting e-commerce. The Avon Products,…

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Princess House Launches E-Commerce as New Revenue Stream for Consultants

Photo: Connie Tang, president and CEO of Princess House Princess House, the Taunton, Mass.-based direct seller of exclusive cookware, food storage and home and entertainment products to support a healthy lifestyle, is celebrating 55 years of direct selling success with a brand transformation that introduces online product availability for the first time. The 24/7 sales channel…

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LifeVantage Products Now Available Throughout China

LifeVantage Corp., a Sandy, Utah-based health and wellness company, has commenced a cross-border e-commerce model that leverages social marketing in China, making LifeVantage products available for the first time throughout the country. Select LifeVantage products will be available for purchase throughout China via a secure e-commerce website hosted in China. Products will be shipped directly…

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Get Out in Front of 2018 Communication Trends—Join In, Jump On

As part of its evolution and adaptation to market trends, the direct selling business model continues to adopt features of online commerce. While incorporating the strengths of e-commerce is important, the channel still has its own unique strengths—strengths that need to be communicated as part of a strategic and well-implemented communications program. Almost anyone can…

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Melaleuca Celebrates $2 Billion in Annual Sales

Melaleuca, an Idaho Falls, Idaho-based direct seller natural nutritional and household products, recently reached a milestone event in the company’s history. On Dec. 26, CEO Frank VanderSloot shared the news that the wellness company had reached $2 billion in annual sales. The milestone was celebrated at a gathering at the company’s central headquarters where a…

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