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Are You Sure Your Data Is Safe?


Vigilance, continuous learning are industry’s best defenses against cybercriminals. It has become a painfully common headline: “Cyberthieves breach company’s system, steal credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, birthdates, passport numbers . . .” High-profile corporations such as Target, Equifax and Marriott all have been robbed of massive amounts of valuable consumer data in recent years, proving…

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Segmenting Direct Selling’s SalesForce in the U.S.

This is a special section of the August, 2017 Cover Story article. Data Released on Pilot Basis in 2016 Seeking a clearer picture of the direct selling salesforce, U.S. DSA and WFDSA embarked on new research to characterize the motivations of people involved in direct selling. U.S. DSA President Joseph Mariano says the channel became increasingly…

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