Plexus Sponsors New K9 Member of Salt River Police Department

Plexus Sponsors New K9 Member

Plexus Worldwide recently sponsored a new police dog known as “Plex” to join the Salt River Police Department’s K9 Unit.

With its global headquarters and more than 400 employees located at the Pima Center, the company is within the jurisdiction of the Salt River Police Department (SRPD), which reported its resources had been stretched thin.

“It is extremely important to us as a company to support those who keep our community safe,” said Tarl Robinson, founder and CEO of Plexus. “When we heard about the SRPD’s strained resources, we asked what we could do to help. We are proud of the opportunity to be able to support the SRPD’s K9 Unit.”

The new police dog, which has been named Plex in honor of Plexus’ support, joined the SRPD K9 Unit in late 2018 and underwent months of extensive training. Plex, a Belgian Malinois, is trained in obedience, tracking suspects and defending officers as well as narcotics detection. Plex has now accompanied officers on a number of patrols and has played an integral role in some recent drug arrests as well as deterring unsafe behavior at public events.

“A K9 Unit is extremely important to a police department because the K9s are able to help keep officers safe by detecting illegal substances, identifying bombs and keeping dangerous individuals at bay,” said Sergeant Jared Leonard, who leads the SRPD K9 Unit. “We are grateful to Plexus for helping us to expand our police department’s resources. It is wonderful to have great community partners like Plexus to collaborate with on keeping our community safe and secure.”

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