New Perspectives

Experiential Compensation


VERVE founder Callum Negus-Fancey is building a powerful, transparent brand through word-of-mouth and using rewards-based compensation instead of cash As most in our channel know by now, successful gig companies have sweetened the deal traditionally made by direct selling with ready-made customers, no startup fees and same-day pay. Gig worker numbers keep rising, and by…

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Did You Say Something?

Neurolinguistic Programming

Using Sensory Acuity To Get Your Message Across Have you ever sat through a presentation that completely bombed, leaving you and the rest of the audience asking the question, “Did you say something?” Maybe you were that presenter. I’ve been there myself—before I learned one of the most valuable communication lessons of my career: Any…

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Talented, People-Loving People

Direct Selling Companies

Editor’s Note: The following is an exerpt from The Core Principles of Successful and Sustainable Direct Selling Companies. You don’t have to be an off-the-scale extrovert to be successful in this industry—but it helps if interacting with others raises your energy level. Direct selling is a social business. You can master the technical, logistical elements…

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Stoke The Flames Of Success

Infuse confidence and meaning into people’s lives. For several years as an executive of Young Living, I’ve had a front-row seat to witness what this amazing industry can do for people. Prior to that, as an international business attorney, my time was spent on the consummation of big business deals. Today, like all of you,…

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4 Ways To Impact Your Organization

Impact Your Organization

Tools. Listening. Cascading and High Leverage Activities. IN OUR PREVIOUS JANUARY COLUMN, we launched the concept of thinking strategically about everything in order to get the best results, which is what I do every day in working with top executives. In that article, we talked about gaining strategic clarity on the things that matter the…

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The Law of the Inner Circle

Those who are closest to me will determine the level of my success. Good leaders realize the significance of surrounding themselves with talented people. That’s why leaders repeatedly ask me, “How can I be sure to hire the right person?” I have never discovered a foolproof hiring practice, but I do know finding a great…

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You Can Be Strategic About Everything

Are you as strategic as you could be? Helping people get more of the results they want by being more strategic in every area of their lives, both personally and professionally, is an everyday occurrence for me. Being more strategic (or, in other words, thinking smarter) is a powerful concept. You can be more strategic about…

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It’s Not What You Do, It’s Who You Are

I believe you’ve got to get up every day, keep moving and tackle what’s in front of you. In some ways, I was lucky. I wasn’t born wealthy. I didn’t come up through any kind of Ivy League or high-powered business dynasty. I didn’t know anything about big-city life and was relatively unsophisticated in the…

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Have You Found Your Voice?

The challenge of our world is this: To find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. He was an entrepreneur, organizational guru. You name it. The late Stephen R. Covey had seen and done it all when it came to helping people from all walks of life realize the greatness that lies within them.…

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3 Things NASA Can Teach You About Leadership

You know the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”? What if that message is actually wrong? Stay with me, friends. I promise you this isn’t blasphemy. You see, teaching a man to fish won’t feed him for a lifetime……

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