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Get Out from Behind the Desk

It is ironic that I am writing for “Top Desk,” or any desk at all. My philosophy as the leader of MonaVie is to get out from behind the desk and get into the sales field organization. You have a far better view of how your business is working if you observe it from the other side of the desk.

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Discovery Toys: Re-Discovery of an Old Friend

Look again! Once floundering, Discovery Toys gets an infusion of fresh energy to usher in a new generation of parents and children playing together.

Somewhere along the way, Discovery Toys lost their spark. Their flame is growing in intensity now, after many years of near-darkness. But there was a time when their candle was flickering, teetering on extinction. And yet, before it was completely snuffed out, a small band of renegades swooped in and fanned the flame. Now, what has emerged is tantamount to a young startup—but with the added benefits of being a seasoned pro. Today, Discovery Toys shines as a beacon to guide others who have lost their way.

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Paying It Forward: Tastefully Simple gives with gratitude

Even before she founded Tastefully Simple Inc. in 1995, Jill Blashack Strahan, now CEO of the company, was already practicing “giving with gratitude.” Her simple philosophy to recognize the abundance in her own life, and in gratitude to give back to others, became the foundation on which she built Tastefully Simple.

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Letter from John Fleming, July 2010

One half of another year means so many different things, depending on one’s perspective. The discussion about the economy continues and is often one of much debate. While some success stories have emerged in the first six months of the new year, challenges remain, and celebrating the economic recovery appears to still be on hold in most mature markets. These times call for careful analysis of the editorial calendar for publications like ours, as “content relevance” becomes even more important with so much uncertainty.

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Guidelines for a Better Tomorrow

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” No finer words can be used to describe the evolution of your association over the first 100 years of its life. Challenges identified and met. Opportunities shared and nurtured. Relationships created and valued. All hallmarks of the DSA.

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We Sell Opportunity

It’s simple—when the salesforce grows, your company grows. And there’s only one surefire way to make that happen: consultants sharing the opportunity. Making recruiting the foundation of the company and the culture of your business from the inside out is what will grow the company and the salesforce.

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