Youngevity Launches Two New Hemp Products


Youngevity recently announced the launch of two new hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products: HempFX™ Hydration™ – Sleep and HempFX™ Hydration™ – Pure.

HempFX™ Hydration™ – Sleep is formulated to provide a restful night’s sleep with the health benefits of CBD. HempFX™ Hydration™ – Pure is formulated to provide daily CBD for people of all ages who want organic, full-spectrum CBD.

Both products are tablet-based and intended to be used with Youngevity’s Y-DR8+ proprietary, portable water bottle system. The cannabidiol tablets will be housed above the water line and consumed as the water flows over the tablets. Both products are expected to be available in November of this year.

“This bottle system is intended to provide people with a revolutionary point-of-use water system and enable consumers to customize tap water based upon their health and wellness needs,” said Rick Anson, vice president of Innovation and Emerging Markets at Youngevity. “It is a beverage technology that we expect will have broad consumer appeal and we are extremely excited to combine this technology with the benefits hemp-based CBD.”

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