Young Living Partners with French Grain Farm

Golden Einkorn Farm

Young Living recently announced a new partnership with the Golden Einkorn Farm in Sault, located in the French region of Provence.

The Golden Einkorn Farm is Young Living’s newest partner and is the exclusive producer of the company’s popular ancient einkorn grain and other einkorn products.

This 600-acre, family-owned farm is run by longtime Young Living partner Jerome Reynard. Reynard and his family live on site and work the einkorn fields and run the milling facility, using a combination of high-tech grain sorting and old-fashioned stone milling. While the Golden Einkorn Farm is a new partner farm for Young Living, it has longstanding connections to the company as part of the same farming co-op as other Young Living farms in the region.

The Golden Einkorn Farm implements sustainable farming practices that help protect the land. The farm uses only rainwater irrigation on the naturally low-maintenance einkorn crops and fertilizes using organic matter such as manure, plant compost and leftover einkorn stems. The farm staff is also building a solar-powered warehouse, where they will store their tractors and other equipment. Anything remaining from the einkorn flour milling process is used as feed for animals or as additional natural compost fertilizer, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. This farm recycles whenever possible, with goals for zero waste.

“As Young Living moves into a new era defined by sustainability and environmental responsibility, we are thrilled to find an exemplary partner like the Golden Einkorn Farm,” said Lauren Walker, chief sourcing officer for Young Living. “We hope to set new industry standards of eco-friendliness in the wellness industry and continue to find sustainable partner farms like the Golden Einkorn Farm. This is a crucial part of that mission. We couldn’t be happier with the work that Jerome does to bring our members ancient einkorn grain in such an environmentally responsible way.”

Young Living hopes that the Golden Einkorn Farm will stand as an example of the sustainable, environmentally responsible farming practices that the company has adopted as standards for its corporate-owned and partner farms.

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