Young Living Announces New Partner Farm

Kalipay Coconut Farm

Young Living Essential Oils  announced its newest partner farm in the Philippines: the Kalipay Coconut Farm.

The Kalipay Coconut Farm is making a difference in its community by empowering the local population and helping to protect the environment. Because social responsibility is an important part of its philosophy, the Kalipay Coconut Farm donates each year to the Lao Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps empower less fortunate people in the Philippines through education, livelihood training and values formation. In addition to making donations to the Lao Foundation, the farm also sponsors the children of local coconut farmers to receive training in electromechanical technology, helping to break the cycle of poverty and empower a new generation. To date they have sponsored a total of 84 students.

The Kalipay Coconut Farm also uses green chemistry, a new discipline that optimizes the use of resources and minimizes waste. Relying on the belief that every step of the process counts, the farm is implementing these new practices to make its impact as low as possible.

“Young Living made a choice a long time ago to do what many organizations won’t: put purpose over profits,” said Lauren Walker, chief supply chain officer at Young Living. “There are many ways we could have sourced the coconut oil we need for our products, ways that would have been much simpler or cheaper. The Kalipay Coconut Farm stood out as a sustainable source of coconuts. We chose the Kalipay Coconut Farm because they share our values of community and sustainability, both integral parts of our 5×5 Pledge.”

Every Young Living product that uses coconut oil sourced from the Kalipay Coconut Farm helps send children to school and protects the environment. Young Living will continue to partner with more farms like Kalipay that give back to local communities and implement sustainable practices.

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