What Does Entrepreneur’s Choice of Halloween Costume Reveal?

Halloween Costume

Today, approximately 180 million people in the US will celebrate Halloween, including millions of entrepreneurs.

The National Retail Federation and other sources report that of those 180 million people, approximately 2.5 million adults will dress as vampires, 4 percent will dress as Donald Trump and 7.2 million as witches. With adults so engaged in Halloween, Einstein Marketing Group (EMG) looked at the correlation between the Halloween costume and the entrepreneur’s personality.


Witches are often depicted as casting spells, controlling situations, and having the ability to change their image to others at a moment’s notice.

Bottom line: If black robes and hats, pointy shoes and warts make up your costume, start thinking about the amount of energy you use to hide how much you like to take control in your business or in other people’s lives. Delegating tasks, or working on teams or with partners, may be issues for you. Conversely, this costume choice may reveal you want more control over certain aspects of your business, but may be afraid, or may not know how to command it.


Pirates are very masculine, strong, powerful and may not have a problem with corruption.

Bottom line: If ripped pants, puffy shirts and eye patches make up your costume of choice, ask yourself why you have a difficult time enjoying your accomplishments—even though they often surpass everyone else’s! Is it because you truly want to rule the world or is it that you simply feel superior to everyone around you? Conversely, this costume choice may reveal the lack of power you feel you have over your business or even others around you.


Vampires are evil, scary and downright creepy.

Bottom line: If being a blood-sucking bandit is your costume of choice, this may be your way of giving yourself permission to get in touch with your dark side. Or are you becoming more aware of your own mortality? Conversely, this costume choice may reveal you want to separate yourself from others—perhaps business associates or even clients/customers—but are unsure of how to set those boundaries.

Princesses & Fairies

Princesses and fairies are whimsical, dreamy and a bit too optimistic.

Bottom line: Entrepreneurs beware as these costume choices scream the following personality traits: a wish for safety and simplicity—also known as your business may be running you instead of you running it. You have reality issues or are in deep denial. You lack financial resources.

According to Julie Mullarkey, founder of EMG, personality traits provide an insight as to how an entrepreneur achieves goals, makes decisions, communicates with employees and chooses clients or customers.

“I ask my clients to tap into their dreams and imagine what life would be like if money and time were no object,” said Mullarkey. “This exercise often helps reveal what is either holding them back from achieving new levels of success; or may help reveal what is missing in their business model or individual skill set.

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