We Must Raise the Bar in our Recruiting Message & Practices


It’s no secret that the surge in E-commerce, namely Amazon, over the years has forced our channel to take notice and to pivot in order to keep pace with consumers’ ever-changing expectations. Our channel has responded pretty well to this challenge as more companies are trying to meet the consumer where they are as evidenced in the growth of preferred customers in 2018.

What our channel still is having a tough time evolving is our outdated recruiting message and practices. Writer Heather Martin dives into how our channel must find new tactics, set new expectations in how we are to meet the needs of people looking for alternative ways to make income.

This month we also focus on the power of sampling, which remains a competitive advantage in highlighting our channel’s products. What’s different is how technology is making it even easier than ever to share. We are excited to have two company spotlights this month. The first is Young Living, who recently unveiled their new eco-friendly corporate headquarters. Writer Beth Silcox will also share with you how the company is expanding upon the vision of their late founder Gary Young, with their 5×5 Pledge. Read the entire story starting on page 42.

Next up is TOCARA, an 11-year-old Canadian jewelry company that operates in Canada and the United States. What started as a part-time, summer job has turned into a full-time passion for Founder & President Randall Markus. Read their story starting on page 60.

And finally, make sure to read our New Perspectives feature that will share how Verve.co founder Callum Negus-Fancey is building a powerful brand through word-of-mouth and using rewards-based compensation instead of cash. There are some important takeaways at the end of the article in how direct selling companies should consider shifting a portion of their compensation toward rewards.

At DSN, we are committed not only to bringing you news that affects our channel but timely, relevant content that hopefully makes it easier for you to do your job. If you have an idea for a feature story, let me know. It’s a pleasure to serve you.

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