Viridian Introduces Pay-As-You-Go Electric Offering in Texas

Just days after launching services in Australia, Viridian is introducing a new pay-as-you-go offering to Texas consumers.

The Connecticut company has teamed with Texas-based Payless Power to offer a co-branded Eco PrePaid plan. This partner model enables Viridian International Management—as the company is known following its spinoff from Crius Energy—to provide what it calls “responsible energy” at competitive rates.

Payless Power offerings, including the new Eco PrePaid plan available through Viridian consultants, are designed to provide cash flow flexibility through discounted rates and real-time monitoring. According to CEO Brandon Young, “Payless Power’s goal is to help consumers obtain prepaid electricity service at rates competitive to traditional billed services, but without the hassle, using flexible payment options in order to keep the lights on.”

In keeping with the Payless Power model, no deposit or credit score is required to sign up for Eco PrePaid. Once the power is turned on, customers receive a daily usage notification that alerts them when their account is running low on funds. The plan also helps customers reduce their carbon emissions by 50 percent, through the built-in purchase of Responsible Energy Certifications (RECs).

“Energy customers in Texas are smart and are looking for dynamic options,” Paul Booth, CEO of Viridian, said in the company’s announcement. “Eco PrePaid products give these customers daily value and the ease of simple reporting.”

The news comes on the heels of Viridian’s official launch in Australia, its first international market. There the company has formed a similar partnership with Click Energy, an online retailer with more than 130,000 customers across the country. Management reports that roughly 3,600 consultants have joined Viridian Australia since the company announced its expansion plans in June.

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