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HIntel Technology – Solution Partner & POS System Equipment Supplier

We, Hintel Technology, are technology-based Company as Solution Partner, New Generation POS Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in the market, and provide the creative Products/Solutions to POS industry, which are implemented in the HIGH-END INNOVATION EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGIES. These products are high quality POS systems, and comply with USA & Europe market requirements, and include the product safety requirements also. And Hintel POS equipments are complete all-in-one POS hardware/software system solutions, much distinguished from conventional PC-based POS solutions in the market, and very highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the POS market.

Hintel solutions adopt the eco-friendly and most cost-effective product design, and that is for mass production & mass sales, and greatly simplifies the system’s use, service & maintenance, and makes sales more easily. And Hintel solutions directly benefit the consumers, and help to save the operating expenses & run their business at the lower costs, and also drive the significant sale growth for business partners.

In addition, our products include the related peripherals such as Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, and Cash Drawer, and POS motherboard and so on. And for more info you can visit us on line at http://www.hintel-tech.com/, which is very informative & helpful about Hintel’s Point of Sale (POS) technologies, POS products and services etc.