USANA-sponsored The Dr. Oz Show Now in China

USANA, a trusted sponsor of The Dr. Oz Show, recently announced that the 10-time Emmy® award-winning program is now being distributed in China.

Aofei Media now distributes new episodes of the s with Chinese subtitles. On December 25, 2018, it became available on digital platforms, including Youku, Tencent Penguin, iQiyi, Sohu Video and Sina Weibo.

The Dr. Oz Show (WeChat: “Doctor Oz” Sina Weibo: “Oz Doctor”), is broadcasted to an estimated 35 million viewers weekly in 215 markets around the world, will help the Chinese audience find enjoyable paths to health by providing preventive medicine and care information.

“With a large part of USANA’s business in China, we know how important this market is and how inquisitive and conscious they are about health,” says Dan Macuga, USANA’s chief communications and marketing officer. “Having The Dr. Oz Show broadcast digitally in China is a huge step forward. I know the show will be well received and will provide the audience with new and compelling health information.”

USANA has been a Trusted Sponsorship Partner of the show since 2015 and has had a long-standing relationship with Dr. Mehmet Oz through his foundation, HealthCorps®.

“”The big battles for improved health are won in our homes, especially in our kitchens,” said Dr. Oz. “We can share healthy lifestyle decisions that will benefit all our viewers and their families.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Oz completed a multi-day trip to China where he filmed show segments at the Lama Tibetan Temple and the Great Wall of China. He also spoke to nurses at the Beijing University Medical Center to express his appreciation for their profession and all they do. While at the Dafu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, Dr. Oz learned how herbs are used for patients and had a moxibustion treatment he taped for his show.

Dr. Oz also visited USANA Baby Care’s Chinese headquarters in Beijing, where he witnessed world-class efforts to produce their well-respected nutritional products.

Episodes dedicated to his recent trip to China will be broadcast later in 2019.

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