USANA Net Sales Down 2.3% for Q1 2020

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. announced $266.6 million in net sales for first quarter ended March 28, 2020, down 2.3 percent versus the prior-year quarter.

“During this unprecedented period, we extend our gratitude to medical personnel, health officials, government leaders and volunteers around the world who are working tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kevin Guest, chief executive officer. “The health, wellness and safety of our employees, Associates and customers around the world remain our top priorities. Accordingly, we have modified our go-to-market strategies and operations in each of our markets to comply with guidelines from government and health officials. The most significant modifications we have made relate to positioning the majority of our employees to work from home and supporting our sales force to enhance their ability to run their businesses virtually through social media and conference calling platforms. Although these modifications, and COVID-19 in general, negatively impacted our business during the quarter, strong consumer demand for our high-quality, essential, health products and successful promotions helped us deliver operating results moderately ahead of our expectations.”

“Importantly, our manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China remain fully operational to date, and we have experienced no meaningful disruptions to our world-wide supply chain. While we have always maintained high standards for safety and sanitation in manufacturing, we have raised those standards with additional measures—including body temperature monitoring, social distancing, and mandatory use of face masks—that are now recommended by government health agencies. Moreover, in certain markets we have temporarily closed product will-call centers and are instead offering curbside delivery and subsidized shipping to customers.”

Financial results and number of active customers for the first quarter of 2020 were as follows:

  • The Asia-Pacific region had net sales of $215.6 million, down 2.4 percent from prior-year quarter; active customers were 449,000, down 2.2 percent from prior-year quarter.
  • Greater China: net sales were $131.4 million, down 8.8 percent from prior-year quarter; active customers were 277,000, down 8.9 percent from prior-year quarter
  • North Asia: net sales were $27.3 million, up 22.6 percent from prior-year quarter; active customers were 57,000, up 29.5 percent from prior-year quarter
  • Southeast Asia-Pacific: net sales were $56.9 million, up 4.4 percent from prior-year quarter; active customers were 115,000, up 3.6 percent from prior-year quarter
  • The Americas and Europe region had net sales of $51.0 million, down 2.1 percent over the previous year quarter; active customers were 124,000, down 2.4 percent from prior-year quarter


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