Total Life Changes Donation to Focus: HOPE Exceeds $20,000

Total Life Changes recently donated over $20,000 to Focus: HOPE, the Detroit-based charity dedicated to using education and training to combat the effects of poverty and racism.

The donation came as a result of the company’s “Virtual 5K” event held on August 22. Employees, customers and Life Changer independent business partners from around the world joined in running or walking five kilometers after soliciting donations. Among the participants were people from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Colombia, as well as across the United States. Due to the ongoing global health crisis, participants were asked to maintain social distancing during their efforts.

Focus: HOPE was established in 1968 in Detroit, Michigan, by Father William T. Cunningham, Father Jerome Fraser and Eleanor Josaitis. The organization’s earliest efforts sought to understand the practical impact of racism in the city by analyzing the differences in the costs of prescriptions and food across different communities.

Since then, Focus: HOPE has provided training and education to the people of Detroit in an effort to end poverty. After initially offering machinist training, Focus: HOPE in more recent years has operated its Information Technologies Center, where students can earn a number IT certifications.