Total Life Changes Announces First Acquisition

Photo: TLC’s headquarters in Fair Haven, Michigan.

Total Life Changes recently announced the acquisition of Ryte Inc., a Utah-based benefit corporation with a portfolio of wellness products.

The acquisition, a first for Total Life Changes (TLC), signals a new approach for the Michigan company, as it actively seeks to acquire “smaller companies in need who share our ideals,” in the words of Founder and CEO Jack Fallon. In the case of Ryte, Fallon and his team saw an opportunity to expand TLC’s customer and distributor base—Ryte has just under 1,000 sellers—and introduce them to a wider portfolio of health, wellness and beauty products.

Ryte launched in December 2014 with three dietary supplements that target common needs such as energy, weight loss, mood, relaxation and sleep. The company has since discontinued operations, but founders Riley Shaugaard, Dave Stewart, and Jeff Wilson, have been seeking an organization that could take Ryte’s products and assets and expand upon its original vision.

“We were introduced to the good people of Total Life Changes a few months ago and have found that company,” said Wilson. “TLC is an organization led by people who share our values and understand the great and largely untapped potential of our products.”

TLC has been in business since 1999, but in recent years growth has accelerated, as company executives shared in the April issue of DSN. In 2015, as revenue rose to $76.8 million, TLC upsized its headquarters from a 1,600-square-foot facility to a 24,000-square-foot facility in Fair Haven, an hour outside Detroit. The company also has opened a new branch in Salt Lake City that will support its merger and acquisition strategy.

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